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If it bothers you to see mismatched spice jars as much as it bothers me, then you’re in the right place!

Yeah, I know…spice jars should be the least of my worries with 3 kids, a husband, a dog, and a business to run. But you see, those cluttered labels…and too many colors…

Actually, I’m a firm believer that clutter can affect our mental health. And visual clutter is everywhere: traffic during your commute, the number of apps on your phone screens, emails in your inbox, ads on tv, clothes in your closet, toys in the kids’ playroom, and yes, mismatched spice jars in your kitchen!

Our homes should be a calm sanctuary, where we go to feel cozy, calm and to decompress. Visual clutter destroys that calm, and causes us to feel stress, even if we’re not actively thinking about the clutter.

I’m on a mission to reduce that stress by simplifying as much as I can in every part of my life. So, while I can’t control every source of clutter, I know that I can control the ones in my home, and so can you!

When the kids were toddlers, and I was always tired and short on time, I looked for solutions to help me with every shortfall I was feeling: different types of pillows to help me sleep better, developmental toys and gadgets for the kids, gadgets to help me cook healthier meals, apps to help me save time in shopping, scheduling appointments or driving, clothes to help me feel better by looking better…

I tried what I thought organizing was...

Instead, I realized that there was never enough space to keep all the newly acquired helpful stuff, and I would need to maintain all of it so I wouldn’t feel guilty for having spent money on it in the first place. There was a daily underlying level of stress gnawing at me that would shoot up in intensity when I would see all those gadgets, toys and clothes.

I lived like this for years, and I started to accept that this was how all women felt, even if they didn’t talk about it. 

Logical Me figured that I just needed to organize everything, and then I wouldn’t be stressed anymore, right? So I tried what I thought organizing was:

  • I put ALL the seasonal decorating stuff in labeled boxes and stacked them neatly in the basement,
  • I corralled ALL the toys in the toy areas,
  • I arranged ALL the baby books on the shelves,
  • I stuffed ALL the baby clothes into bins and put them in the storage closet,
  • I found spots for ALL the kitchen gadgets in the drawers.

But then, one day, I watched my youngest son playing with one little cheap beach ball that had been part of a birthday party goody bag. He played with it over and over again all day long. He took it everywhere we went, and even into the tub at bath time. We’ve all said it before: “He has a houseful of expensive toys, and he prefers playing with that?!”

I started to ask myself why we owned so much stuff, and if we could really make do – not just make do, but thrive – with less.

That’s when I began to simplify.

It’s been a long journey for me and my family. If any of this sounds familiar to you, then you’ll understand why I started reading and researching about organizing. I uncovered research and writings about psychology and human behavior that helped me understand why I was keeping those sentimental things, but more importantly, I began to see how to how I could get to a simpler life.

I put what I learned into practice for myself, and then for family and friends who were interested in what I was doing.

We've all said it before: "He has a houseful of toys, and he prefers playing with THAT?!"

Why I Started My Business

In 2017, I joined NAPO to immerse myself in the organizing and productivity community. I became a professional organizer and productivity consultant and started Firefly Bridge Organizing & Productivity after seeing that I loved the experience I had gained organizing the homes of my family and friends, and organizing my own home.

During several years working with clients, I developed and solidified the process that resulted in transforming their homes and the way they spent their time – in other words, to SIMPLIFY. I call this process my C.L.E.A.R Framework for Organizing and Productivity.

Following this 5-step framework, my clients have been able to identify the things they want to focus on that really move towards the type of simpler and calmer lifestyle they envision.

The CLEAR Framework

Following the 5-step CLEAR framework, my clients have been able to identify the things they want to focus on that really move towards the type of simpler and calmer lifestyle they envision.

They’ve learned to Clarify, Limit, Edit, Assign and Review, and with the specific tools I provide them at each step, they easily progress from one step to the next. And if clutter tries to sneak back in, they simply and quickly get rid of it by following CLEAR again!

Bottom Line:

I’ve made it my mission to teach others how to simplify and organize, just like I did, so they can have a calm sanctuary at home, with minimal visual clutter.

It’s so rewarding to me to see that I’ve helped busy moms and dads reduce their stress levels a bit by working with them to simplify their homes, their time and their focus using the CLEAR Framework. It’s such a privilege for me to be able to do this work that I love!

I heartily welcome you to my community, and I hope that you’ll be inspired by what you read here. My wish is for you to ultimately have the simpler and calmer life you want, and the knowledge to maintain it easily.

All the best to you and your family,


P.S.  Feel free to hit reply on any of my emails and let me know what you’re thinking. I read every message!


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Zeenat Siman

Zee Siman is a Professional Organizer and Productivity Consultant eager to help working moms and dads take transform their homes and schedules from chaotic to calm.

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