Here’s How to Get Your Entire Home Organized with a Group of Friends


Feeling frustrated and stressed by our clutter is absolutely real, and it’s not a trivial problem. Research has actually shown that clutter can cause us stress, even if we’re not actively seeing or thinking about our piles of papers or laundry or pantry ingredients.

You read that correctly: even if you’re not thinking about or seeing your clutter, it can cause you stress!

It’s just not healthy to live with increased stress levels daily, so, yep, organizing your home is the way to remove that burden on your mind and stress levels.

Is It Possible To Organize Your Home Easily?

It took me years to finally get to the point where I know exactly what to do every day to keep my home organized the way I want it, and in a way that my family can also keep up with. So there are three things I learned to do that makes it easier to organize my home, and after years of teaching this to clients, they’ve learned to organize their homes more easily, too, without taking years to learn how!


1. Bring The Family On Your Organizing Journey

It would be pointless to spend time and energy to declutter and organize your home if your spouse and kids will always rely on you to keep it organized! No matter how old your kids are, there are some thing that they can, and should, do themselves. You just have to teach them what to do, and how to do it, and make sure that what you’re teaching them is actually at their level of capability.

Our kids love to please us beginning at the earliest age, and celebrating what they are able to accomplish is a fantastic way to encourage that desire.

Simple tasks, like making the bed, meaning, straightening the sheet and comforter when the kids are very young, or putting their folded clothes away in their drawers are easily taught. As the kids grow, you can then add another step to each task: remove all the sheets on laundry day, or fold and put away their clothes.

For older kids and spouses, pleasing others is not their primary motivation. However, when spouses and kids see and experience how your organized household functions better, and how you’re in a better mood 😉, they will follow along! Generally, that takes the form of them decluttering their things slowly. It probably won’t be as fast as you’re decluttering the rest of your home, but celebrating what they’ve accomplished is also very important in keeping the momentum going!


2. Organize In Short Time Blocks

If you’ve watched the Netflix organizing series of Marie Kondo or The Home Edit, you’ll notice that they can spend hours or days organizing a home.

But when you’re working full time, or taking care of others full time, the last thing you have is hours or days to organize and declutter your own house.

Because of this, I teach my clients how to get it done in 30-minute blocks as many times a week as they can. We actually block the time on their calendars as if it’s a meeting!

Of course, we have a weekly plan and I give them the tools to make progress in those 30 minutes.

And then, once the decluttering and organizing is complete, maintaining all those spaces is a breeze in 15 minutes, or less, a day!

Can you imagine knowing exactly what you should do in 15 minutes or less to keep your home beautifully organized??


3. Organize With Friends!

When you hire me, or any organizer, to come to your home to help you organize, we will work in long time blocks – half a day, a full day, or more – to get the job done as quickly and efficiently as we can for you. Of course, that comes with a big monetary investment. Typically, it can cost $600 or more to have one organizer in your home for one day.

Considering the average kitchen or main closet can take 6 to 8 hours to organize in a marathon session, and that’s assuming that the homeowner can make pretty quick decisions about what they’re going to let go of, imagine the number of days it will take to organize your entire house! Play rooms, garage, attic, linen closet…

Think about spending those hours decluttering your attic – by yourself…feels lonely and boring, doesn’t it? It’s no wonder we keep putting off these boring chores!

But now imagine how it would feel if you were in your attic with a group of girlfriends, chatting and laughing while decluttering. Are you smiling? Because I know that this is how I prefer to organize!

Clearing The Chaos

While I’m continuing to help my clients declutter in person here in the Miami area, I know that I can’t travel to so many of you.

So, I’m opening up my Clearing The Chaos online group organizing class again in January 2023!


During this 12-week class, you’ll have access to videos you can watch on your own time to learn HOW to declutter and organize every space in your home. But also, and this is the really fun part, we meet weekly all together online so you can actually talk to me and the group about what you’ve done, show us what you’re working on, get ideas from the group or share your ideas with others in the group, and support and celebrate each other with a lot of laughter!

I also take you on a shopping trip via video so you can see exactly how I plan my organizing purchases. And if you’d like, you can also partner up with another student to work on your decluttering together during the week, so you’re never decluttering and organizing alone!

We’ll have some guest experts share their wisdom and tips about interior decorating, nutrition, physical and mental health, styling, and more.

It’s a fun 12 weeks that will keep you motivated to get the organizing done so that your home can be the space that you’re excited to be in, where you can enjoy spending time with your family and friends doing what you love to do, instead of stressing about the clutter and wondering how you’ll ever have time to get it all done!

What’s the cost of the class? The 12-week class, with all bonuses (which I’m still putting together!) and guest expert sessions will cost $1497. I’ll also have a payment plan for you to take advantage of.

Having an organizer come to your home can cost you $600 or more a day, and you’ll likely have to take time off work to be there for some of the time with that organizer.

The Clearing the Chaos class allows you to do the organizing on your own time, in time blocks of 30 minutes or less if that’s all the time you have, with a friend or group of friends, and you get the benefit of all the guest experts, the shopping trip, and more.

How to Stay In The Loop About The Clearing The Chaos Class

If you’d like to be notified as I release more information about the class or when enrollment opens, please click the button below and input your email. You’ll be placed on the “waitlist” for the class and you’ll have first dibs on a spot in the class before I open enrollment up to everyone.

Bottom Line:

If you’d like to be notified as I release more information about the class or when enrollment opens, please click the button below and input your email. You’ll be placed on the “waitlist” for the class and you’ll have first dibs on a spot in the class before I open enrollment up to everyone.

If you’re excited about finally getting your home decluttered and organized in 2023, so that you can spend your time doing the things you actually love, and still have a home you enjoy living in, then please join the Waitlist and stay in the loop.

And if you have any questions, just send me an email!

Here’s to a beautifully organized 2023!


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