Zeenat Siman

I’m Zeenat (“Zee”), founder of Firefly Bridge Professional Organization and Productivity. I’m a professional organizer, chemical engineer with an MBA, wife, and mom.

Simplicity in life is what Firefly Bridge is all about.  We believe that in peeling away the layers of complexity within your home and schedule, you can reveal the things that really matter to you – family, friends, hobbies, your career.  
You don’t need to get rid of all your stuff to be organized; however, learning to live with less can provide you with the space and time you need to be able to focus on the important things.  You DO need to declutter and curate your belongings.  You also need simple, practical systems that we will design for you, based on the way you live.  And since these systems are designed specifically for you, they’ll work to keep your home organized for the long term.

The goal of our work together is for you to feel that your home is both beautiful and functional.  We’re ready to help you make that happen!

Member of NAPO since 2017.